31 October 2010

Oh How I Love Halloween At School!

I don't even mind that the children are out of control excited about the day. Nor that I can't get their attention no matter what I do. It is just pure fun. I love it. I love the costumes. I love the games. I love the candy.

We have some outstanding mothers in our class. Mrs. Lillico, Mrs. Fischer, and Mrs. Houghton came to school and put on a Halloween party like no other. Here is a list of the little center's rotations we did for our party:

Center 1: FOOD! We had a lovely Krispy Kreme donut with chocolate and sprinkles. Then there was a choice of apple juice or orange juice. While at this table, the children got to pick a spider ring, a glow stick, and some fangs!

Center 2: GAMES! There were three games. One was "Stick The Nose On Frankenstein". One was "Pumpkin Bowling" and the third was "Hang The Witch" (hangman) Of course, there was candy for all of the winners...which was everyone!

Center 3: ART! At this table, there were three Halloween poems that students illustrated with markers and foam stickers (I was quite taken with them and may or may not have kept a few for myself...if you need them back let me know, I didn't mean to 'steal' them!). Of course, there were a couple of candies there as well.

Center 4: MAKE A BOOKMARK! The children used foam sticks and toppers to make a spooky Halloween bookmark. So cute.

Thank you so much to the parents who helped us with this party. I believe you have warmed me up to the idea of a "big" party! Thanks so much.

Enjoy these fun pictures of the day!

Grant, Heston, and Tayla from the back and the front!

The first grade teachers: Mrs. Drumm, Me, Mrs. Reimschussel, and Miss Aurich.

Pin the nose on Frankenstein!

The Art Center

I love this picture of the discarded hats, bouquets, and wands from
hands that were to busy to tote them around.

Alex at the Bookmark center.

Pretty little Aurora at the Art Center.

Mrs. Fischer with Marley and Ryan Alan looking mighty scary
playing "Put the nose on with his fangs!

Here's the snack center. I love The making of bookmarks.
Anthony's face as he takes his
first bite!


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