22 February 2011

Dear Journal:

I finished my First Grade journal! It was a lot of hard work and I had to think of lots and lots of ideas. I'm getting to be a pretty good author. In fact, I love to write. I also love the awesome bow I'm wearing. I hope you can see it there on the side of my head. You would never miss ME in a crowd!

Princess Janey

21 February 2011

A couple of months ago, we made a list of about 10 different parties we could use as rewards for good classroom behavior. We came up with: a fancy party, a pizza party, a beach party, a pj party, a popcorn party, etc... My very favorite party they (Marley came up with the idea) came up with was a cereal party. HONESTLY this was one of the best parties in the history of my teaching career!! It was a blast. You can read below about all the details. Following the note, you will find some photos of the event! I will definitely make this an annual event.

Casey, Bailey, and Grant

Who doesn't like Fruit Loops??

I never would have imagined that some children do not
like cereal! So, this little one brought a lovely,
coconut covered donut! It looked elegant of her doily.
And some children aren't really sure what to do with
their cereal bowls or lids!
Silly Bryan!

The end of a lovely little party.

15 February 2011

A VERY Sweet Valentine Celebration!

We had a fantastic Valentine's Day party yesterday. Dylan's family brought some amazing cupcakes with tons of frosting. Aurora's mom brought some brownie bites. Grant's mom came along to help with "crowd control". And Mrs. Houghton organized the entire thing. I love our moms and dads! What would I do without them??

I'm pretty sure that Rebeca LOVED her
What do YOU think?

Brieanna's Valentine

Valentine Vomit!
(Valentine treats rival Halloween!)

I can't figure out if Ryan likes his cupcake or not!

Just look at Bayley's loot!

I admit...I had two of these puppies!
So yummy!

Aurora's loot bag.

Here is a short video of Rebeca showing us her beating heart ring.

09 February 2011

Another Journal Completed!

Look how happy little Miss Tayla is about the journal she just finished!
I love to read my little friends' writing!

I love this little girl!

01 February 2011

Happy 100th Day of School!

Can you believe that today was the 100th day of school?? We have been counting down for, well, 100 days! As you can see, we made glasses and headbands. We drew a picture of how we look today and then a picture of what we would look like in 100 years...lots of canes, gray hair, and one-toothed people.

We wrote 100 words. We made a little booklet that answered such statements as, "I could never eat 100__________", and "Having 100 _________ could really be a problem!" We jumped up and down 100 times, which was really 200 because they were double jumping...I didn't bother telling them any differently. :)

It was an awesome day. Enjoy the pictures! Who is YOUR favorite?

Ryan and Zoe

Emma and Janey

Brieanna and Lucas

Bryan and Marley

Casey and Aurora

Tayla and Anthony

Alan and Bailey

Heston and Dylan

Chloe and Rebeca

Alex and Grant

Mrs. Anderson wearing Chloe's glasses
and Alan's headband! Zoe took the picture
for me. She did a good job!