31 October 2010

Oh How I Love Halloween At School!

I don't even mind that the children are out of control excited about the day. Nor that I can't get their attention no matter what I do. It is just pure fun. I love it. I love the costumes. I love the games. I love the candy.

We have some outstanding mothers in our class. Mrs. Lillico, Mrs. Fischer, and Mrs. Houghton came to school and put on a Halloween party like no other. Here is a list of the little center's rotations we did for our party:

Center 1: FOOD! We had a lovely Krispy Kreme donut with chocolate and sprinkles. Then there was a choice of apple juice or orange juice. While at this table, the children got to pick a spider ring, a glow stick, and some fangs!

Center 2: GAMES! There were three games. One was "Stick The Nose On Frankenstein". One was "Pumpkin Bowling" and the third was "Hang The Witch" (hangman) Of course, there was candy for all of the winners...which was everyone!

Center 3: ART! At this table, there were three Halloween poems that students illustrated with markers and foam stickers (I was quite taken with them and may or may not have kept a few for myself...if you need them back let me know, I didn't mean to 'steal' them!). Of course, there were a couple of candies there as well.

Center 4: MAKE A BOOKMARK! The children used foam sticks and toppers to make a spooky Halloween bookmark. So cute.

Thank you so much to the parents who helped us with this party. I believe you have warmed me up to the idea of a "big" party! Thanks so much.

Enjoy these fun pictures of the day!

Grant, Heston, and Tayla from the back and the front!

The first grade teachers: Mrs. Drumm, Me, Mrs. Reimschussel, and Miss Aurich.

Pin the nose on Frankenstein!

The Art Center

I love this picture of the discarded hats, bouquets, and wands from
hands that were to busy to tote them around.

Alex at the Bookmark center.

Pretty little Aurora at the Art Center.

Mrs. Fischer with Marley and Ryan Alan looking mighty scary
playing "Put the nose on with his fangs!

Here's the snack center. I love The making of bookmarks.
Anthony's face as he takes his
first bite!


27 October 2010

I Saw A Ghost!

(OOPS! I've tried several times to upload the video to this post and it's running way faster than the audio. I've already spent WAYYYY too long trying to figure out what I've done wrong...does anyone know?? So, for now, just enjoy their cute faces moving much too quickly for the adorable recitation of our weekly poem. So sorry!)

Casey, Brieanna, Chloe, Zoe, and Aurora

I saw a ghost one night last week,
All long and lean and slinky.
When I stepped outside my house,
In darkness black and inky.

He waved his arms and legs at me.
The moon began to shine.
Just daddy's underwear hangin' on the line!

The whole concept of long underwear was a mystery to the children. As was the "line" business. I was shocked I tell you. They were definitely giggling by the end of my explanation though. Each Friday we have "Performance Friday" where whoever has memorized the weekly poem gets to perform it for the rest of the class. It's my favorite time of the week.

I realize this performance was very quiet. Don't worry...these performances will improve with time! I'm hoping that I'LL manage to stay out of the video next time!

Don't you just love these little shavers???

I do.

26 October 2010

Birthdays In Room 6

Birthday's are a BIG deal in First Grade. We have a very specific routine in our classroom for whenever one of our friends has a birthday.

STEP 1: The birthday friend sits in the middle of the rug with the rest of us sitting around the edge.

STEP 2: Mrs. Anderson brings a special duck to the rug with writing on the bottom that usually says: Happy Birthday _________(insert birthday friend's name)! First Grade 2010-2011.

STEP 3: Each student in the class holds the duck and says what they like best about their birthday friend. I must say, this class is so amazing at coming up with original reasons. I love it!! But, then again, this IS an extraordinary class.

Dylan in the middle with his birthday duck.

You can't see it (or hear it :) ) but Chloe is holding the duck and saying
something VERY nice about her friend,

STEP 4: After the rug activities, the birthday friend gets to stand on a table while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" complete with a loud "Quack! Quack! Quack!" at the end of each line.

STEP 5: (This part is optional) If a child brings a birthday treat from home, this is where we all get to eat it.

Treats from Zoe's birthday celebration!

RULE: No one may take a bite or drink of the treat until the
birthday friend takes one first.
NO exceptions!

If a child's birthday is in the summer, never fear, we will celebrate the child's HALF birthday.

24 October 2010

The Amelia Earhart Fun Run 2010!

Here they are in action: Zoe and her mom; Miss Aurich with a few first graders; Dylan cracks me up; and finally, little Chloe.

After the race eating otter pops: Ryan; Dylan, Casey, Ryan, and Bailey; Rebeca; and Chloe!

At the Fun Run awards assembly: Lucas won a brand new football; the best class in the universe; Janey won a $15.oo gift card to Barnes and Noble (jealous!)

14 October 2010

I'm Sorry!

Dear Rebeca:

I'm so sorry that I worked you (and the rest of the first graders) so hard yesterday. I'm just trying to help you learn all the things I have in mind for you to learn each day. Sometimes I forget how tiring it must be to be six years old and to be filling my head with information all day. I'll try to keep that in mind. I'll try harder not to wear you out EVERY day.

I love you (and your classmates too!),

Mrs. Anderson

...at 4:30 pm, I looked at little Rebeca and it hit me how tired and disheveled she looked. Poor little thing! Look at that hair! I love how messy it gets throughout the day. Rebeca teaches me patience all day long. I love to secretly watch her to keep a pulse on the rest of the class. Have they reached their mental capacity for the day? Have I taught them enough?

Teaching is so hard sometimes. But, I suppose, that's why I love it so!

One last little story about Rebeca. During each day, children have chances to earn tickets for great behavior, working hard, returning homework, going the extra mile, and being kind to others. These tickets are added together in a container from which I draw out two names. The two children's tickets I draw get to pick from the awesome prize box.

On Monday as I mixed up the tickets, I noticed that Rebeca had her fingers laced in front of her under her chin, her eyes closed, and she was muttering something. First I drew out Aurora's name. Then, it was Rebeca's. She jumped up and down. Pumped her fists in the air and shouted "Yay! Prayer works!"

So cute!

How do they do that??

Casey in the middle.
Alex on the right.

04 October 2010

Tayla The Truly Terrific

Our very first Aviator Of The Week
for this year is our sweet friend

Tayla is such a happy little girl. It seems that she is always smiling. She LOVES
life and socializing with all of her classmates.
She loves to read and to write.
iIt makes me smile and my heart overflows
whenever she reads to me.

Most of all, we love her for being such an important part
of our classroom.


01 October 2010

More From Wednesday

Here's a smidgen of our Wednesday (the other part of the day that didn't make it to the previous apple post...

Everyone printed the apple he/she brought to school!
Printing is one of my favorite
Art medium.

Anthony brought his new baby sister
for Show and Tell.
She is a beautiful baby who reminded me of my own little girls.
(They are now 22 and 23 years old mind you!)

Mr. Anthony is pretty cute himself.

WARNING: soapbox moment ahead...

Right after Show and Tell, our school had a "Lockdown Drill". I hate those things. I do realize that they are important but it seems we practice doing things that we most likely WOULDN'T really do in an actual emergency. What I AM sure of is, in an actual emergency, I will do everything possible to protect those children and they will be safe with me...even if I haven't practiced it before!

Having said that, there are some things I can't protect my little ducklings from...

Poor little Janey!
This is how her forehead looked when I picked her up from PE.
Apparently she was playing some serious cat and mouse game and
"took a header" into the gym floor.

She is one tough cookie.
She didn't cry.
She didn't complain.
She was actually kind of giddy.
I want to be like her when I grow up.

Now, I'm ready to do it all again next week.