26 October 2010

Birthdays In Room 6

Birthday's are a BIG deal in First Grade. We have a very specific routine in our classroom for whenever one of our friends has a birthday.

STEP 1: The birthday friend sits in the middle of the rug with the rest of us sitting around the edge.

STEP 2: Mrs. Anderson brings a special duck to the rug with writing on the bottom that usually says: Happy Birthday _________(insert birthday friend's name)! First Grade 2010-2011.

STEP 3: Each student in the class holds the duck and says what they like best about their birthday friend. I must say, this class is so amazing at coming up with original reasons. I love it!! But, then again, this IS an extraordinary class.

Dylan in the middle with his birthday duck.

You can't see it (or hear it :) ) but Chloe is holding the duck and saying
something VERY nice about her friend,

STEP 4: After the rug activities, the birthday friend gets to stand on a table while everyone sings "Happy Birthday" complete with a loud "Quack! Quack! Quack!" at the end of each line.

STEP 5: (This part is optional) If a child brings a birthday treat from home, this is where we all get to eat it.

Treats from Zoe's birthday celebration!

RULE: No one may take a bite or drink of the treat until the
birthday friend takes one first.
NO exceptions!

If a child's birthday is in the summer, never fear, we will celebrate the child's HALF birthday.


  1. That is soooo cool! You are seriously the coolest first grade teacher ever. :)
    Birthdays are a big deal at our house, so I am a total fan of your traditions.

  2. Thanks for making Zoe feel so special on her birthday! It was so fun to see!!