06 November 2010

My Favorite Spot In The Classroom!

A few years ago, I moonlighted at the amazing retail store Bath and Body Works. I was there for three years and even made it to a management position. However, teaching and being at school for 9-10 hours a day and then spending four more at the mall each night really took its toll on this ole body of mine.

One of the perks (if not THE perk) of working at such a store was the opportunity of purchasing the props for dirt cheap. This little number, the bright red bathtub, was worth all the days of sore feet, rude customers, and lost weekends.

Guess how much I bought it for? FIVE DOLLARS! Yup! Just $5.00. It is made of solid plastic that is about two inches thick. It fits a first grader perfectly! I bought a body pillow which also fits perfectly. I rounded up a comfy pillow for the head. A grandmother of one of my last year's students made a blanket with a crocheted edge just for the tub. (Don't worry, I take them home and wash them frequently!) This cute tub was what sparked my love of rubber ducks. It's a whole package you know!

Each week, we have an Aviator of the Week. As part of the "honor", the Aviator gets to read in the tub at any time during the day. The children LOVE it. So do I.

I sometimes secretly wish I were the size of a first grader so that I could read in the tub.

Don't lie...you wish you could try it too don't you?
Chloe reading to Arthur!

Look at the sweet child!
How did I get to be so lucky?

Casey enjoying the book "Dem Bones".


  1. The tub is the HOT SPOT for sure! My kids loved that thing...Molly will too, if I have anything to say about it.

    *A Molly thought I'm sure you'll appreciate (that first kid with his skeleton book made me think of it)...

    She was singing..."Them bones, them bones, them dry bones...hear the word of the Lord". Mom, Dem Bones is a church song! It says Lord in it!

  2. That's adorable Amy! You can have Molly in anytime to read a book in the tub. I don't think I can wait that long until she's in first grade!!

  3. I think I just might need a tub like that for myself! What a perfect little reading nook! Thanks for replying about the reading calendar. Marley brought home the Pizza Hut coupon so I'm pretty sure she must have turned it in. Geesh - uptight mom, I know. ;)