20 October 2010

WaCkY hAiR dAy!!


  1. Oh they are too cute!! You look exhausted, can't imagine why:)
    Love the face Janey is pulling she is such a crack up!

  2. All I need is the monthly PTA meeting to put things into perspective!!! You are wonderful and go above and beyond the call of duty! Whatever can I do to help you besides coming to your class? Can I help you prep something?

  3. I agree with Kari! I'm happy to help as well! I sure enjoy all that you are doing for our children. I know first hand how hard it is to do all you are doing. Thanks so much! Zoe LOVES school! And that means a lot to me....I love that you keep a blog as well--thank you!!

  4. Well, you are all very kind. Luckily, I have great children to work with. I do get pretty tired but it's worth every second. (Plus, I'm getting older! As much as I HATE that!)
    I hope you all know that you are always welcome in the classroom. I won't promise to have something specific to assign to you but you are welcome to just "hang out" if you'd like.
    Thank you for your support of me as your child's teacher. It means a lot to me.