14 October 2010

I'm Sorry!

Dear Rebeca:

I'm so sorry that I worked you (and the rest of the first graders) so hard yesterday. I'm just trying to help you learn all the things I have in mind for you to learn each day. Sometimes I forget how tiring it must be to be six years old and to be filling my head with information all day. I'll try to keep that in mind. I'll try harder not to wear you out EVERY day.

I love you (and your classmates too!),

Mrs. Anderson

...at 4:30 pm, I looked at little Rebeca and it hit me how tired and disheveled she looked. Poor little thing! Look at that hair! I love how messy it gets throughout the day. Rebeca teaches me patience all day long. I love to secretly watch her to keep a pulse on the rest of the class. Have they reached their mental capacity for the day? Have I taught them enough?

Teaching is so hard sometimes. But, I suppose, that's why I love it so!

One last little story about Rebeca. During each day, children have chances to earn tickets for great behavior, working hard, returning homework, going the extra mile, and being kind to others. These tickets are added together in a container from which I draw out two names. The two children's tickets I draw get to pick from the awesome prize box.

On Monday as I mixed up the tickets, I noticed that Rebeca had her fingers laced in front of her under her chin, her eyes closed, and she was muttering something. First I drew out Aurora's name. Then, it was Rebeca's. She jumped up and down. Pumped her fists in the air and shouted "Yay! Prayer works!"

So cute!

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  1. Ahhhh! Such a sweet entry! So comforting to know that this crosses your mind and you were about our little kiddies! Thank-you!!