29 May 2010

Our last day...

Friday, May 28th was our last day of first grade. It was happy and sad at the same time. I will certainly miss these little ducklings. Each one has taught me something new. I love them all.

One of our final activities was a huge bubble party. I gave each child a fun bubble blower. We took them to the large field by Amelia Earhart. It was a beautiful day. The perfect amount of wind for blowing bubbles.

Check out the blue sky, green grass, and happy children:

The whole gang.

My favorite photo.

Look closely.

28 May 2010


I am feeling all kinds of profound love for my 24 ducklings tonight. They made me very proud today as they performed their Opera for their parents. It was a joy to watch my those proud parents as they watched their children. And...I KNOW they are the best parents of the best children in the best Provo school. BUT, nothing compares to my pride and pure joy and love for my little actors and actresses as they sang and danced their hearts out today.

Silly teacher that I am, I didn't take any pictures...guess I was too busy directing their performance. I did get pictures of the scenery though. Anyone who has pictures OR (especially) a video of the performance, please send them to me!

25 May 2010

Field Day 2010

For one hour today we left the classroom behind and headed outside.
With Mrs. Walton, we played with the parachute.
With Mrs. Reimschussel, we played
(for lack of the right term!)
During Mrs. Anderson's time, we pulled out our creative juices and covered the sidewalks
in front of the school with sidewalk chalk.

We all had a great time.
The weather was beautiful...NO snow at all!

Enjoy the pictures:
We were all amazed at Samuel's amazing artwork of
a shark in the ocean.

Samuel and Bryant

Brooklynn and Kate

Melany and Kyara

After the festivities, we had delicious Otterpops that turned our tongues
all sorts of colors.


Melany and Lizbeth

So cute:
Gage, Dallin, Kaysen, Bryant, Jon, and Samuel


18 May 2010

The Rope's Course that wasn"t...

It's a sad day when bad weather thwarts our best laid plans. Yesterday (Tuesday) we had to forgo our much anticipated class trip to the CLAS Ropes Course. It was a very tough call to make as a teacher. We all wanted to go, yet, we didn't want to be caught in a down pour on our walk (1.4 miles one way) to the course.

So, we stayed at the school and made it into a special day here. It was a good thing too. It turned into a very cold and rainy day.

Outside our classroom window at 8 am.

We got all of the math manipulatives out and rotated around to each one.
This was the domino center. We also had pattern blocks, Kinex, lego-type toys, and linking cubes.
Tristan (above) and Kyara (below)
started the trend of spelling their names with the dominos.
I love it!

We went to the gym and I got the jump ropes out. Man, those children can move!! Check out the videos at the end of this post. PLUS...we got the big rope out and had a tug 0' war. What fun! Everyone agreed that Kaysen was the strongest. That video is also included. I think you'll love it.

We also reserved the computer cart to have a great time visiting the www.pbskids.org site as well as taking in a little Photo Booth. One of my favorite sounds in all the world is the sound of children giggling. There was no shortage of those during Photo Booth time!

The very BEST part of the day though, was our delicious lunch! Our class has THE BEST moms in the entire school. Mrs. Parke organized the lunch (which was scheduled to be delivered at the Ropes Course) that was brought in to the class. A special thanks to: Samuel's mom for the carrots and oranges; Kyara and Tristan B.'s moms for the Capri Sun drinks; Dallin's mom for the pizza, Rice Krispie treats, plates, and napkins; and Jon's mom for the gigantic box of potato chips. Also, thanks to Katja's mom and Zack's grandma for taking time out of their busy day to come and spend it with us!

James eating dessert first!
That child is brilliant I tell you!

Tristan is the only child I have ever met who doesn't like pizza.
That's okay, we still love her.

Ashley with her loot!

Brooklynn, Lizbeth, Katja, and Chloe (Katja's little sister)

In the afternoon, we watched Madagascar 2 (courtesy of Kyara's mom) and then went to Music.
So...all in all...we had a very enjoyable day.

Don't miss out on viewing these cute/short videos.

15 May 2010

Friday Night's School Carnival!

A good time was had by ALL! Here are a few pictures of some of our classmates. These were taken between 5:30 and closing time (7:00). So...if you came earlier, I'm sorry to say, I missed you! I hope you all had fun.

Isn't she lovely?

Face painting at its finest.

Hoping to win the drawing
for fabulous prizes.

Silver taking a shot at the basket.
He was AWESOME!!!

Katja with her little sister Chloe.

More face painting
Above: Katja
Below: Eden

The most popular attraction at the carnival.
The giant slide!

But...I just liked seeing all of the children I love so much.
Like, Ethan.
So handsome, don't you think??