27 December 2010

Here it is: Barb and Bob Humbug...The Musical

After many tries, I think I have it! I had to shorten it quite a bit...like by about five minutes. Enjoy!

25 December 2010

Christmas In Our Classroom!

I know! I know! I'm a slacker with the blog. But, after all, it IS Christmas and super busy for all. I have many pictures to share. FIRST, I want my readers to know that I am working diligently to post my copy of our Christmas play, Barb and Bob Humbug. I WILL figure it out and post it. It may take a few tries but I'm fairly certain that I can do it. Even if it takes me all the way to February, it will be here. Patience is a virtue, after all.

So, for now, I'll post some pictures from our class Christmas party last Tuesday. Once again, thank you to Mrs. Lillico for organizing the treats and such. Mrs. Yergensen brought some delicious hot (VERY hot) chocolate, and Mrs. Stuver sent cheese and crackers.

We played a little gift exchange game. Everyone sat in a circle. The first child chose a present from the stack and opened it. The next child could either take the present that the first person opened OR choose another unknown gift to unwrap. And, so on around the circle. It was great fun and everyone was happy with their end product. I was AMAZED that some moms even sewed the gifts! Overachievers! (and, I loved it)

I also LOVE my students. Each and every one of them has individual traits that I just adore so much. It is such a pleasure and privilege to GET to spend five days a week with these children.

Merry Christmas!

Tayla ended up with this set of ceramic thingys and paint.
Rebeca traded for this HUGE art set but eventually
lost it to clever Alex who ended up with the set by "stealing" it from Rebeca.
He loved it. I've never seen him so happy.

Casey deciding what to do with his gift.

Janey picked her own gift which was three books.
Bryan ended up with the game,
Don't Break the Ice.

When all of the gifts were open, Alex went around the room
and picked up all of the trash.
Then he posed for this adorable picture.

Soon, others followed suit performing their own little Santa moment:




Here is the hot chocolate and cheese and crackers I told you about earlier.
The children each received a little bag from Aurora
filled with a notebook, a pencil, and some candy.

Two little friends: Alex and Anthony

...and the best little present around, Anthony!

08 December 2010

Morning Parent Party

My first graders are the luckiest children in the land! That's because they all have great families. Today we had our first annual Parent Party/read-a-thon/pajama/donut/Provo mayor visiting/ticket drawing/all round FUN DAY! We had great attendance. Thank you to all of you who attended this morning. It was so much fun and very successful. We had the privilege of having Mayor Curtis spend the entire time in our classroom. We also had a camera man from the local channel.

Please enjoy these many, many photos I took of the morning. I tried so hard to get a picture of everyone. When I went to post them here, I realized that I missed a couple of you. So sorry. (If you are reading this and you took pictures with your own camera, please send them to me...pretty please?"

Mrs. Anderson with Mayor Curtis
(If you look closely, it looks like he has two small horns! Haha!)

Emma with her mother

Lucky Rebeca with her reading buddy, Mayor Curtis.

Ryan and him mom
(I love this picture!)

Mayor Curtis shaking hands with Lucas.

Dylan with his grandma who drove all the way from the
far off land of Spanish Fork!

Marley with her mom and little brother

Janey is the Aviator this week so she had the privilege of reading in the bathtub!
That's her dad with her.

Lucas with his mother

Casey with his mom

Chloe and her mother
(I got to babysit for a couple of minutes by holding Chloe's new
baby brother, Truman.)

Alan with his mom and little Kindergarten sister

Grant with his mom AND Heston too!

Bryan with his little sister and his papa

Alex with his grandma

Aurora with her mom, brother and sister

Bailey and her mom

30 November 2010


The day before Thanksgiving Break, we had our annual Reflections winner's assembly. I was very proud of all our students who entered the contest. The theme this year was "Together We Can". The projects were wonderful. Everyone who entered got a doughnut. This was a BIG hit with the children. I swear they will do anything for a doughnut. (hmmmm....me too, now that I think of it!) That was worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears!

Aurora's mother was one of the PTA mothers who were assigned to making Reflections successful. The teachers and students loved the Powerpoint presentation which featured every single child in the school who entered Reflections. My favorite part was the classes response whenever one of our own appeared on the screen. They cheered and shouted out that child's name. I felt the cohesion of our class. I really believe that the children like each other. You can rest assured as a parent that your child has 19 good friends at school.

That's always good to know, right??

All of the projects for the entire school on display.

Brian, Zoe, Casey, and Chloe
showing off their EXCELLENT assembly behavior.

Miss Tayla contemplating life! :)

Emma, Aurora, and Zoe
with their projects and doughnuts.

Darling Miss Chloe with hers.

Lucas's project is almost as big as he is.
Very cute!

I'm not sure what Casey's project looked like
at least he has his doughnut!

*****Janey and Bailey also entered but were absent on the day of the rewards.***

29 November 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Snow Suits!
Snow Pants!

24 November 2010

Thanksgiving Recipes Part 2

Happy Thanksgiving!

You may, or may not, want to try these recipes for your Thanksgiving feast. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!