27 October 2010

I Saw A Ghost!

(OOPS! I've tried several times to upload the video to this post and it's running way faster than the audio. I've already spent WAYYYY too long trying to figure out what I've done wrong...does anyone know?? So, for now, just enjoy their cute faces moving much too quickly for the adorable recitation of our weekly poem. So sorry!)

Casey, Brieanna, Chloe, Zoe, and Aurora

I saw a ghost one night last week,
All long and lean and slinky.
When I stepped outside my house,
In darkness black and inky.

He waved his arms and legs at me.
The moon began to shine.
Just daddy's underwear hangin' on the line!

The whole concept of long underwear was a mystery to the children. As was the "line" business. I was shocked I tell you. They were definitely giggling by the end of my explanation though. Each Friday we have "Performance Friday" where whoever has memorized the weekly poem gets to perform it for the rest of the class. It's my favorite time of the week.

I realize this performance was very quiet. Don't worry...these performances will improve with time! I'm hoping that I'LL manage to stay out of the video next time!

Don't you just love these little shavers???

I do.


  1. Hahahaha! The dubbing problem makes the video even more precious! That's great!