30 August 2010

We Love Our Librarian!

Today was your first day of Library. Every Monday we have the privilege of going to the library. We get to pick out a book to keep in our classroom for the week. But wait, that's not the best part. The best part is our librarian Mrs. Hinkley. Oh how we love her. She tells us stories, shares interesting facts about authors, and instills a love of reading...what could be better??

There's always a book for everyone.

Here is Mrs. Hinkley in action.

What an adorable bunch! Don't you think so?

(fyi Mrs. Hinkley and Mrs. Anderson have the same hairstylist)

25 August 2010

The First Day of First Grade 2010-2011

Oh what a day! We were so completely busy the entire day that I was only able to snap a couple of pictures. This is a darling class. I'm very lucky. We took tours of the school and our classroom, drew pictures of ourselves, read books, listened to stories, memorized lunch numbers, practiced eating lunch at school, then actually DID eat lunch at school.

{Note to self: these children need snacks!}

The end of a wonderful day!

24 August 2010

Back To School Night!

Last night was our Amelia Earhart Elementary Back to School Night.
I love this evening and look forward to it all Summer long.
This night didn't disappoint in the least.
Right away I could tell what amazing families my students belong to.
The children are adorable.
The parents are supportive,
I'm one lucky teacher.

Milling around!

Miss Janey

Dylan (and his parents)
Mrs. Reimschussel, Me
Miss Aurich, and Mrs. Drumm
My fellow first grade teachers.
Amazing teachers I might add!

08 August 2010

Oh Dear!

Am I going to be ready for my new little flock of ducklings on August 24th??

I hope so! Just look at this mess!

...I cannot lie...I'm getting kind of excited for the new year!