30 November 2010


The day before Thanksgiving Break, we had our annual Reflections winner's assembly. I was very proud of all our students who entered the contest. The theme this year was "Together We Can". The projects were wonderful. Everyone who entered got a doughnut. This was a BIG hit with the children. I swear they will do anything for a doughnut. (hmmmm....me too, now that I think of it!) That was worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears!

Aurora's mother was one of the PTA mothers who were assigned to making Reflections successful. The teachers and students loved the Powerpoint presentation which featured every single child in the school who entered Reflections. My favorite part was the classes response whenever one of our own appeared on the screen. They cheered and shouted out that child's name. I felt the cohesion of our class. I really believe that the children like each other. You can rest assured as a parent that your child has 19 good friends at school.

That's always good to know, right??

All of the projects for the entire school on display.

Brian, Zoe, Casey, and Chloe
showing off their EXCELLENT assembly behavior.

Miss Tayla contemplating life! :)

Emma, Aurora, and Zoe
with their projects and doughnuts.

Darling Miss Chloe with hers.

Lucas's project is almost as big as he is.
Very cute!

I'm not sure what Casey's project looked like
at least he has his doughnut!

*****Janey and Bailey also entered but were absent on the day of the rewards.***

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  1. Loved the slideshow/cheering! It made me teary...which I'll admit, is NOT very hard to do. :) Great assembly!