31 August 2009

Who Are You, and What Did You Do With My Teacher?

Do you remember being in school and walking into your classroom only to find a stranger standing where your "real" teacher usually stands?  I do.  The first thoughts weaving themselves immediately through my youthful mind were:

"Cool!  A free day!"
Will this stranger know what time recess and lunch are?
How much mischief can I get away with?

Now that I'm on the teacher end of the substitute situation, my thoughts are much different.  Now I worry about:

Will she love my kids like I do?
Will she be able to handle my difficult children?  (those are my favorite actually)
Will the kids forget me?
Will the kids love her more than they love me??
How much of the lesson plans will she cover and, subsequently, how much will I need to re-teach.
When I'm not able to go to school, I think about my class all day long.  So, last last Friday I had to leave my darling little class with a substitute teacher while I had some foot surgery.

Here I am recuperating from the surgery.  I'm even correcting papers.

For the past eight years, I've had the additional assignment of being the Literacy Coordinator at my school.  Usually I share my classroom with another teacher to free me up half a day to help and coach the teachers with reading and writing.  Because of severe budget cuts, I am back in the classroom full-time (which I LOVE).  I will be released  2 1/2 days per month...usually Wednesday.

Why am I mentioning this?  Well, I just wanted to shout it out how lucky I am to have a very special substitute teacher who will take my class on the days when I am working with teachers in my building.  Her name is Mrs. LeAnn Arnold.  I have total confidence in her.  She is loving and kind.  She is an excellent teacher and familiar with our curriculum.  

Remember my list of worries earlier in this post?  I don't worry about any of them with LeAnn.  She is amazing.
Here's a photo of LeAnn, Me, and Caleb on the bus coming home from the 1st Grade field
 trip to the zoo last year.  

My class will be in good hands and I can relax with full confidence in Mrs. Arnold.


  1. She is one busy lady! We love her too. the girls had her as a sub a lot last year! She is great. :)

  2. LeAnne is a good sub and one sweet lady too!