25 August 2009

Perceptions of me

For the first month or so of school (depending on how many students I have that year) we have a "special friend" for the day.  It's a formulaic, fill-in-blank page.

This is _____________.  
________(he/she) likes to _____________.

Then, we interview the child who comes to the chart paper.  Fills it in.  Then all the children copy it onto their own page.  Draw a picture.  Then I bind it into a book for the "special friend" to take home.  It's a great tradition.  I love it.  I know the children feel special and cherish their little book. 

So we started out with me.  Here's how it went:

This is Mrs. Anderson.
She likes to sew quilts.

Now...look at this adorable drawing:

Sewing machine.  Patchwork quilt.  Chair.  One eye.  Gray hair (really??).  Smiling teacher.
Most of the other pages were similar

Apparently Zack sees me a bit differently than the rest:

Horns.  Sword.  Spikes.
Just call me Xena.

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