24 August 2009

A Couple of Firsts for the First Graders...

(clocwise starting with blue shirt:  Ethan, Kyara, Zack, Melaney,?, Eden)
Imagine, if you will, a class of 24 first graders being introduced to 24 laptop computers for the first time.  To be honest, I was SCARED TO DEATH!  What if they dropped them?  What if they got pencil on them?  What if they pulled off the keys?  What if.....?  What if....?  What if....?

I thought about maybe waiting until October when the students were a little more familiar with the way things work.  Then, I thought..."What the heck?  These are smarties!  We will jump in with both feet and get them learning."  Guess what?  I was right (one of those rare times I have to admit).  They did AMAZING!  Thanks to an awesome computer lab specialist...Mrs. Janett Roberts.  She knew just how to explain about holding the computers like a "precious baby".  Look at these smart little children...

I just knew they could do it.
(clockwise starting with blue shirt:  James, Ashley, Jon, Tristan, Silver, and Cloe)

Another first:

We did the first page out of our Math books.  Pretty great.  Although, I have no idea why the publishers decided to use the number "words" rather than the "symbols" for the first page.  I guess they know what they're doing.  At least I hope they do.

Sometimes I long for the day when life was a simple as coloring six stars.
Don't you?

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  1. You are so cute! I love coming into your classroom. You are always so happy and make me laugh. Those are some lucky 1st graders to have you for their teacher. And your blog is darling! You Quack me up!