28 August 2009

Tristan's cute T-shirt

I love this little Tristan.  Her smile and laugh are so true and joyful.
I just have to giggle out loud whenever she laughs.

I'm not the best rule follower!
She told me that she wore this "NO PICTURES PLEASE" t-shirt because she
I'd want to take her picture.

These first graders have me figured out!


  1. I LOVE this blog. It is so darn adorable! I wish that my Logan had you for his first grade teacher! He would love being in your class.
    I sure miss you guys, and hope you do come and visit us! I will have all my canned goods waiting! Good luck on your new school year!
    p.s. I do remember that narly looking thing that never really worked. It was the ugliest hunk of junk ever. I have yet to figure out the whole composting thing! I am not patient enough! :)

  2. That's our girl! She loves being in your class and can't wait to go to school every day! Even if she thinks 3 is greater than 5 :-)