25 March 2011

Braids and Two More Journals

One day this past week, one of our friends was having a rough day. She was having a hard time getting to her assignment. I kept reminding her to "get busy". Then she cried great big crocodile tears and told me she missed her mommy. I'm a sucker when it comes to my first graders. I have to wipe away the tears and make everything all right. No sad faces in Room 5!

I had her come behind my desk to sit on a stool that I keep back there for these types of "emergencies". I gave her a clipboard, pencil, and writing page and told her to get to work. Then...I braided her hair! When she stopped writing, I stopped braiding. By the end, she was smiling and so was I!!


...and one more guess

(Look at that sweet little happy face!)

On another note...

Alex finished his first journal.

And so did EMMA!!

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