11 March 2011

Honest Abe/More Journals!

Oh, how I love this annual activity in my classroom.
Did you know that Abraham Lincoln was a very disorganized president?
Did you know he kept his important papers inside his hat?
He was.
He did.

You can read all about it here:

So after reading this to the children,
they all wrote about what they would keep in
their own individual hat.

I wish I would have taken a picture of some of the writing.
It was fantastic.
Some of the items mentioned: cookies, paper, money, pets, blankies, and even a scooter.
(Wow! That's some hat!)

Then, they made a hat with a little replica of Abe's face
at the bottom.

The result is always a hit.
See for yourselves:

On another note:

Here are Heston and Grant.
My little authors who have worked hard to finish their first journal.

I'm very proud of these children.

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