15 February 2011

A VERY Sweet Valentine Celebration!

We had a fantastic Valentine's Day party yesterday. Dylan's family brought some amazing cupcakes with tons of frosting. Aurora's mom brought some brownie bites. Grant's mom came along to help with "crowd control". And Mrs. Houghton organized the entire thing. I love our moms and dads! What would I do without them??

I'm pretty sure that Rebeca LOVED her
What do YOU think?

Brieanna's Valentine

Valentine Vomit!
(Valentine treats rival Halloween!)

I can't figure out if Ryan likes his cupcake or not!

Just look at Bayley's loot!

I admit...I had two of these puppies!
So yummy!

Aurora's loot bag.

Here is a short video of Rebeca showing us her beating heart ring.

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