21 February 2011

A couple of months ago, we made a list of about 10 different parties we could use as rewards for good classroom behavior. We came up with: a fancy party, a pizza party, a beach party, a pj party, a popcorn party, etc... My very favorite party they (Marley came up with the idea) came up with was a cereal party. HONESTLY this was one of the best parties in the history of my teaching career!! It was a blast. You can read below about all the details. Following the note, you will find some photos of the event! I will definitely make this an annual event.

Casey, Bailey, and Grant

Who doesn't like Fruit Loops??

I never would have imagined that some children do not
like cereal! So, this little one brought a lovely,
coconut covered donut! It looked elegant of her doily.
And some children aren't really sure what to do with
their cereal bowls or lids!
Silly Bryan!

The end of a lovely little party.

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