01 February 2011

Happy 100th Day of School!

Can you believe that today was the 100th day of school?? We have been counting down for, well, 100 days! As you can see, we made glasses and headbands. We drew a picture of how we look today and then a picture of what we would look like in 100 years...lots of canes, gray hair, and one-toothed people.

We wrote 100 words. We made a little booklet that answered such statements as, "I could never eat 100__________", and "Having 100 _________ could really be a problem!" We jumped up and down 100 times, which was really 200 because they were double jumping...I didn't bother telling them any differently. :)

It was an awesome day. Enjoy the pictures! Who is YOUR favorite?

Ryan and Zoe

Emma and Janey

Brieanna and Lucas

Bryan and Marley

Casey and Aurora

Tayla and Anthony

Alan and Bailey

Heston and Dylan

Chloe and Rebeca

Alex and Grant

Mrs. Anderson wearing Chloe's glasses
and Alan's headband! Zoe took the picture
for me. She did a good job!


  1. Lookin' oh so adorable in those glasses! I'm not surprised at all Zoe took the picture....she's a photography-lover at our house! Thanks for making it such a fun day for them!

  2. That last one is pretty darn great! Must say I have a Marley/Heston soft spot though. :)