19 September 2010

The Wheels On The Bus Go Round and Round...

Mr. Bus Driver Man

One of the necessary evils of school...Bus Saftey Presentation. I do realize how very important it is to relay the message of what is expected when the children ride the bus. HOWEVER...bus drivers are not teachers and do not have basic child development training. This stuff went WAYYYYY over their heads. Eyes glassed over as the bus driver said things like "Stay at least 50 feet away from the bus" "This bus weighs more than two tons" "This is a confined space where people must stay seated at all times with no strolling up and down the aisleway"...I could almost see the words flying over the children's heads.

We did learn (most likely through osmosis) how to behave on the bus. But, mostly, I think the students just had a lot of fun pretending to be evacuation the bus.

At least they all looked cute doing it!!

The sweet little faces of Zoe, Cloe, and Rory.
Such good listeners.

There's Emma, Anthony, and Rebeca on the back seat
Marley, Brieanna, and Dylan's knees!

Just look at those faces!
So adorable.

This picture is just for YOU Rachel!

And, doesn't Alan look so cute with his eyes peeping over the top of the seat?