03 September 2010

That was a very LONG (but fun!) week!

I love these sticks!
These little faces announce who is helping with
which jobs.

We have the very best, most supportive parents in the land!!
I had to clean out our huge PE Equipment drawer to fit
all of our classroom donated items.

Thank you!

And, as you can see, they even added to our Box Top collection!

We received a new addition to our class this week...
This is Grandma Eliza. She is a volunteer from The United Way
Foster Grandparent Program.
We love her already!
She speaks Spanish and has a beautiful English accent. She will be in charge
of reading all of the Take Home books with the children.
She is very good at making sure that I don't make any mistakes.
Mistakes like trying to tell the class that it was the 10th month when we changed
our calendars to September.
"Um...Teacher...are you sure it isn't the 9th month?"
Thank you Grandma Eliza!

And, finally, just to prove how exhausted we were...
Take a look at this "POWER NAP!"
(we do whatever works!)

Look at how peaceful Casey and Brieanna look!
But, I think that Dylan might be having a funny dream. :)

Cutie Chloe

Tayla even looks adorable while she "naps".

Bryan was the most convincing!

What an awesome, long, fun, new, crazy, amazing week!
We loved it.

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