16 September 2010

I PROMISE I'm Not Bribing Your Children!

I have the most amazingly "aware" children in my class this year. They listen to everything I say. They notice their surroundings. I don't think I've had a group of children who have had so many little ones pay attention like this one. I love it! When we ran low on pencils I simply said "I can't believe we are already out of pencils! You are such good writers that you're using up all the writing utensils!" Next thing I knew...the very next day, in walks a student with a pack of pencils to donate to our diminishing class supply.

See what I mean?

I'm guessing that everyone knows of my Diet Coke love. Last year when the Coke machine stockers arrived at school, one of the first graders yelled "Look Mrs. Anderson, your truck is here!" I loved it. Probably too much. I can't help it.

Last week I was tickled pink to be greeted by not one, not two, not three, but FOUR mornings with a Diet Coke. It totally made my day! I love these children! One mother told me that she has to check her daughter's backpack every morning as her Diet Cokes have come up missing from her refrigerator!! Soooooory! :)

So, to all of you who brought me the wonderful treats last week...thank you! I think I'm in love with these 19 darling first graders!

Aurora brought two cans one morning.
One can was nicely chilled!

Heston showed up with a fountain drink.
When I told him how much I appreciated it he truly made
this statement:
So cute.

And, finally, how could I NOT have a good day
after these two beauties from Casey and Zoe.

Thank you! Thank you! And remember...I am NOT bribing the children. They are just super darling and generous. I love you all.


  1. This is hilarious! I love it. I love that little Heston too. He is a sweet-pea. Hey...can you have your truck stop by my house?

  2. So cute! Marley is disappointed that we drink Diet Dr. Pepper here at her house so she doesn't have a Diet Coke to bring you! I think this says so so much about how much your children love you and what an amazing teacher you must be!

  3. Yes! You are loved very much! It certainly makes getting up for school in the morning a breeze!