23 November 2009

Box Tops Make Me Happy

I cannot let another blog go by without talking about Box tops. People think I'm crazy. Maybe I am. I do know that I'm crazy about Box tops! For those who aren't familiar with Box Tops, it is a wonderful program that helps schools raise money for projects, field trips, supplies, etc. In our school, the earnings from the Box Tops go directly to the classroom that collects them.

Though it doesn't seem like much, each Box Top is worth 10 cents. It adds up. Our class set a goal to collect 1000 Box Tops by May. Well, guess what? We are almost there!! Already! We keep track of each Box Top on our whiteboard. (See below)
So, as of November 23, 2009, we have 921!! We will reach our goal by CHRISTMAS!! It is so much fun to see the children squeal with delight as they count tallies (one of our first grade curriculum standards) getting closer to 1000.

We had a class meeting and adjusted our goal. We want to add another 1000 Box tops by May. Do you think we can do it?? I do. I've even set up a Facebook group so that all my friends from around the United States can send us their Box tops. With each envelope full of Box tops, I show the class which state they came from. One of the students said "I bet we could get a Box Top from every state!" Hmmmmm.....

So...that is NOW our goal. We'd love to get envelopes from every state. If you have friends and family around the country, please have them collect their Boxtops for us. Even sending one would count.

Here's our list of states so far:
New York

Here is a pile that Kaysen brought in today.
Wow! He's been saving for a long time...thanks Kaysen's grandma!

(I really can't believe that I did an entire post about Box Tops!
Can you see how passionate our class is about reaching our goal?)


  1. I will work on Idaho & Colorado! Keep up the great work & keep collecting!

  2. My kids are thrilled when they see boxtops...even on my box of tampons! You trained them well. :)