04 November 2009

Oh What a Halloween!

Just look at these cuties. (sorry the hula teacher had to be in every one of these but, well, you know!)

Ninja Samuel was sooooo quiet, I barely heard him
come up to my chair.
What a great great ninja.

Mr. Jose Firefighter
Firefighters must always be serious.
Here's what they were watching.
The King Toot video.

Darth Jon Vader

"The Parade"

Witch Kate in her gorgeous home sewn costume!

The good little Kyara witch.

Look at all of those muscles on Kaysen Favre!

Gabriel has keen "spidey-senses".

Future Heisman trophy winner, Dallin.

I always feel safe with Bryant around.
He's super.

Eden took my breath away with her beautiful hooped skirt
vampire gown.

Perfect angel Melany...as usual.

Zack packs a lot of power. That's all I know about that.

Princess Ashley is pretty in pink.

The "good" little witch Tristan.

The force was with him.
Obi Wan James
Cute little Brooklynn fairy.
Those wings poked me in the eye several times.

The precious little witch Katja.
I love the orange.

Green-faced Chloe witch.
That make up was SCARY!
(but, her grandmas was even scarier!)

Daniela the Sleeping Beauty.
Surprisingly she stayed awake ALL day!

Ethan Potter
He cast a spell on me.
Plus, he can spell just about everything.

Hannah Mon-Lizbeth-Tana!

Zombie Gage
Honestly, the scariest costume ever.
I'm glad he came back to us!

PS. We missed our friend Silver who was vacationing in Disneyland!


  1. Such great costumes. Harry Potter was my favorite!

  2. We love that you took a picture with each student-you are such a wonderful teacher!!!
    The Blanchards