18 September 2009

Toothless Wonder


As some of you know, I am a champion tooth puller.  I can't help it.  I was born with it.  I've been known to have "magic fingers" and can get a wiggly tooth out with no pain.  I have even had parents call me to see if they could bring their child with a loose tooth to my house on Christmas break to pull a tooth because their child would "only let Mrs. Anderson pull it".  They are very proud moments for me.

Mind you, I would NEVER pull a tooth that I wasn't absolutely certain would come out with a little flick of my finger.  Most of the time I have to tell the wiggly-toothed child to keep wiggling it a bit more.  When a child loses a tooth at school, it is a very special day.  He/she gets a special tooth shaped necklace to keep the treasured tooth safe.  You have never seen anything quite so cute as a child beaming a toothless grin after a freshly harvested tooth.  (Not counting the adorable child at the head of this post of course!)

So, today after lunch, I went into the classroom and Silver was in the room with Zack.  Silver had blood all over his mouth.  Zack insisted that I pull Silver's tooth.  Silver didn't look so sure.  I had him wash his mouth really well, then I gently but quickly popped that tooth right out.  I praised him for being so brave.  Zack said "I'll bet that didn't hurt as much as getting my wart burned off!

Anyway, we got him all taken care of.  A mere one hour later, he came running to me with more blood...another tooth was ready to pop out.  That was a first for me.  We pretty much repeated the same procedure for the second tooth.  As you can see, he is also missing his top two teeth.  So, FOUR teeth are missing on the top.  Two teeth in one day!  

Lucky Toothfairy.  Lucky Lucky Silver.
The two tiniest teeth I've ever seen.

Silver with my home-made blood stopper.
Notice he has TWO tooth necklaces.


  1. You are a legend in our house because of your tooth pulling talents, Tristan has sung your praises on more than one occasion...

    She was so excited to have you pull her tooth, she carried the little tooth necklace around all day and sadly left it somewhere in the greater Utah county area...Tristan wrote the Tooth Fairy a note explaining everything and luckily the Tooth Fairy found it and still rewarded her for her bravery!

  2. Mrs. Anderson you are too cute for words. We are such LUCKY DUCKS to have you as a teacher for Silver. I read this to Silver and his little face was just beaming. He felt so privliged that his teacher wrote something special about him. You are the greatest, thanks for all you do. By the way the toothfairy needs a break. :)

  3. I am going to send my kids to you for sure next time. That is too cute!