25 August 2010

The First Day of First Grade 2010-2011

Oh what a day! We were so completely busy the entire day that I was only able to snap a couple of pictures. This is a darling class. I'm very lucky. We took tours of the school and our classroom, drew pictures of ourselves, read books, listened to stories, memorized lunch numbers, practiced eating lunch at school, then actually DID eat lunch at school.

{Note to self: these children need snacks!}

The end of a wonderful day!


  1. What a cute class you have. My kids start on the 1st. We are trying to enjoy that last few days of summer.

  2. Thank-you for doing this Mrs. Anderson! I love to read about Rory's week!

  3. And isn't that an adorable picture of Rory reading?? I love it.

  4. Okay, so kind of random how your blog showed up one day on another blog that I follow, but anyway...I just have to say that I still remember my first day of third grade with you as my teacher. You had arranged the desks to resemble an "X" to represent the times-tables we would be learning that year in math. I thought you were brilliant, still do as a matter of fact. I have so many memories from that year and I know that my love of reading is in part due to you. I hope those little ducks know how lucky they are.