24 August 2010

Back To School Night!

Last night was our Amelia Earhart Elementary Back to School Night.
I love this evening and look forward to it all Summer long.
This night didn't disappoint in the least.
Right away I could tell what amazing families my students belong to.
The children are adorable.
The parents are supportive,
I'm one lucky teacher.

Milling around!

Miss Janey

Dylan (and his parents)
Mrs. Reimschussel, Me
Miss Aurich, and Mrs. Drumm
My fellow first grade teachers.
Amazing teachers I might add!


  1. Dallin told me that our neighbor, Casey, is lucky because he got "the best teacher, Mrs. Anderson". He loves and misses you...even if he is shy about it.
    I think all those parents are lucky to have their kids in your class. In fact, I know they are.

    PS- I am in love with your alphabetography header.

  2. Oh Natalie! That Dallin is such a cutie. I was the one who was lucky to have him in my class last year. I miss him already.

    Thanks for your comment about the header. I kind of think it's missing something. I don't know what it is, but I know I need to spruce it up a little or maybe even take something out. What do you think?