26 April 2010

This is just a quick little update on our class goal to reach 1000 Box Tops this year. As most of you know, we surpassed that goal and currently have 2231 Box Tops in our collection. When we reached our 1000 goal, we decided that if we got 2000 Box Tops we would go bowling.


Getting to the bowling alley costs the big bucks. Provo School District charges an arm and a leg to rent, especially with only one class going. It would cost around $250 just for the bus. In the past, we have been able to have parent volunteer drivers. That wouldn't cost us anything. But, of course, our district has instituted stringent regulations that make it way too much paperwork for our dear parents.

SOOOO.....we talked it over and have decided on a different 2000 Box Top reward.

We will be going to the Provo Ropes Course. It is perfect. Why?
1. The owner's son, James, is in our class.
2. We will have pizza (part of the original goal) delivered to the course.
3. We are able to walk there. It is about a mile. We'll take it slow and it won't cost us a dime to walk.

If you are reading this and you are a parent of one of our students AND you would like to take a nice long on May 18th, let me know!

NOW...to thank you for saving your Box Tops for us all year. I think you'll like this video. It's cute, just like your kids!

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