21 April 2010

Our Friend From Louisiana!

Anyone who is familiar with our class knows our obsession with Box Tops.
Our mission this year was to collect at least one Box Top from every
state in the union.
we have done pretty well. We still need several more states.

Mrs. Anderson has several friends (about 100) that she met on a favorite
website where they gather to visit and share stories.
She happened to mention our class goal while chatting one day.
Let me tell you that things have gotten out of hand!
Many of these lovely friends have sent postcards, letters, coins, pictures, cards, stickers, toys, and (of course) Box Tops!

On Monday, we received a large package from our new friend named Barbara. She lives in New Orleans, Louisiana.
She sent us all kinds of information about her state. She sent each child a Mardi Gras flag and a rubber alligator to match the ones found in the swamps of Louisiana.
She also sent pictures along
with a very nice letter telling us
all about Louisiana.

Here we are in these pictures waving our Mardi Gras flags and giving a smooch to our rubber alligator.

It's nice to know that there are such wonderful people in this world.

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