25 January 2011

"My Mom Will Be So Proud of Me!"

Today was a big day in Room 6. Why? Because Lucas and Marley were the first ones in the class to finish writing their first First Grade Journal!!! Several children are close but these two were the first.

My favorite thing about teaching first grade is reading the students journals. It just tickles me pink to read their sweet musings. To read what they are thinking about. To hear what they like (families) and do not like (bullies).

As Marley was putting her finished journal in her "cubby" she shared an exciting moment with herself. She didn't realize that anyone was listening as she stood in front of her cubby and looked lovingly at her journal. Then she said aloud with a gigantic smile on her face:

"Oh my gosh!! My mom will be soooooo proud of me!"

No doubt about it Marley, your mom is proud of you...so is your teacher!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this! She was so excited to show me, it was adorable!