25 May 2010

Field Day 2010

For one hour today we left the classroom behind and headed outside.
With Mrs. Walton, we played with the parachute.
With Mrs. Reimschussel, we played
(for lack of the right term!)
During Mrs. Anderson's time, we pulled out our creative juices and covered the sidewalks
in front of the school with sidewalk chalk.

We all had a great time.
The weather was beautiful...NO snow at all!

Enjoy the pictures:
We were all amazed at Samuel's amazing artwork of
a shark in the ocean.

Samuel and Bryant

Brooklynn and Kate

Melany and Kyara

After the festivities, we had delicious Otterpops that turned our tongues
all sorts of colors.


Melany and Lizbeth

So cute:
Gage, Dallin, Kaysen, Bryant, Jon, and Samuel


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