21 March 2010

A Turn In The Money Machine!

Recently, Amelia Earhart Elementary School took part in a school wide fund raiser. We all tried to sell mounds of cookie dough to friends of our family. It was a great success. Many children in our class were able to gather generous donations to help our school financially...that's ALWAYS an exciting and necessary part of running a school.

As a reward, if a child sold at least 15 containers of cookie dough, he/she got to take a turn in the money grabber. Oh what FUN!!! Our own little Katja was the only first grader who sold enough cookie dough to get the "dough".

So, here she is in the money booth. And, once again, Mrs. Anderson forgot that she shouldn't turn her camera because there is no way to switch the direction once it's downloaded. SO SORRY! And, I'm very sorry for any sore necks resulting in tilting your head sideways to watch this little video.

She reaped $5.00! I have never seen a more elated child! ENJOY!

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