24 February 2010

Radkids: A Photo Journal

A few weeks ago, our class was privileged to receive instruction about Radkids. What is Radkids? Well...

A National Leader
® is the national leader in children's safety education and provides the only holistic, practical and realistic life skills safety program available for children and parents today. radKIDS® teaches children individually in an activity based hands-on training classroom, which means every child participates in all activities.

The children loved it. They are still talking about it. Here are a bunch (and I do mean "a bunch") of photos from the week. Thanks to Samuel's mom for taking the pictures and for leaving her camera for me to try out! :)
The children listening intently.


Kyara is so cute, but I can't resist this picture of Ethan!

This one is even better.
(Kaysen, Zack, and Ethan)

Our favorite four-year-old, Chloe, Katja's sister.

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  1. Dallin really loved it and what a worthwhile program. Thanks for sharing the pics!